HY300 portable video projector | The Top 1 Amazon 2024: Advantages and Disadvantages

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Portable video projector The top 1 Amazon: Advantages

HY300 portable video projector | The Top 1 Amazon 2024: Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Image quality and performance :

    • The image quality is often described as very good, especially with 4K videos on YouTube, offering a stunning visual experience for a device of this size.
    • Users appreciate the resolution and brightness (200 ANSI lumens cited), which helps produce sharp, vibrant images even in low-light conditions.

  • Features and usage :

    • The presence of pre-installed applications such as Netflix, YouTube, and Disney+ is an asset, with the possibility of installing other applications via the Play Store, thus increasing the versatility of the device.
    • The ability to project on both walls and ceilings is appreciated for its adaptability in various environments, such as playrooms or bedrooms.
    • WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity are praised for the ease of streaming content from various wireless devices.

HY300 portable video projector | The Top 1 Amazon 2024: Advantages

  • Portability and design :

    • The compact and portable design makes the projector convenient to carry for varied use, whether for outdoor movie nights or professional presentations.

  • Value for money :

    • Many reviews highlight the product's excellent value for money, emphasizing that the performance and features offered are impressive considering the cost.

  • Overall user experience :

    • Users describe an unrivaled home cinema experience, with crystal clear picture, vibrant colors and a screen size of up to 130 inches.
    • The ease of installation and configuration is also noted, making the device accessible even for less experienced users.

  • Audio :

    • Although the built-in speaker is considered sufficient for general use, the ability to easily connect external Bluetooth speakers to enhance the sound experience is a plus.


Portable video projector The top 1 Amazon: Disadvantages

  • Additional connectivity and compatibility issues :

    • False advertising regarding the availability and installation of streaming applications, including Disney+.
    • Inability to connect devices, particularly iPhones, for screen mirroring, despite multiple attempts via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
    • Persistent issues with projector software updates, including important features like keystone correction.

HY300 portable video projector | The Top 1 Amazon 2024: Disadvantages

  • Degradation of image and hardware quality over time :

    • Appearance of black spots in the corners of the image, even without movement or shock to the device.
    • Poor image quality due to lack of options to adjust contrast and brightness, as well as blurry image on the sides.
    • Complete projector malfunction after a short time, leading to refund requests.

  • Customer experience and after-sales service :

    • Difficulties with after-sales service, including refund issues following product return.
    • General disappointment with the integrated Android version, with applications like Netflix being unusable or outdated, with no possibility of updating.

  • Ergonomics and design issues :

    • Lack of basic picture adjustment features, negatively affecting the quality of the viewing experience.
    • Poor sound quality and picture adjustment difficulties mentioned as contributing factors to an overall unsatisfactory user experience.