Mini Projector FHD23 | Unforgettable home cinema experience

Mini Projecteur FHD23 | Expérience cinéma à la maison inoubliable

The Mini FHD23 Portable Video Projector not only offers you a giant 120-inch screen and Full HD 1080p resolution; it literally transforms your home entertainment experience.

Here's how this video projector improves your daily life:

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Cinema atmosphere without leaving home:

No need to go to the cinema to enjoy exceptional image and sound quality. The Mini FHD23 brings this experience right to your home, saving you time and money while providing unparalleled comfort.

Accurate and Detailed Resolution: It features Full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels) resolution, delivering sharp and detailed image quality for an optimal cinema experience.

Entertainment for everyone:

Whether you're organizing a family movie night, a video game session with friends or a professional presentation, the Mini FHD23 adapts to all situations and guarantees you a superior visual experience.

Keystone Correction: It is equipped with a vertical keystone correction function of ±40 degrees, allowing you to adjust the image for optimal projection, even when the projector is not perfectly aligned with the screen.

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Space saving and ease of installation:

Thanks to its compact and lightweight design, the Mini FHD23 does not take up space in your living space and is easy to store. Plus, its versatile connectivity and simplified settings make installation quick and hassle-free.

Connectivity: It has various connection options, including Wifi, 1 HDMI port, 1 USB port and 1 AV port. It is also compatible with wireless Bluetooth audio devices.

Unforgettable evenings:

Surprise your friends and family by offering them a life-size cinema experience during your themed evenings, sporting events or birthdays. The Mini FHD23 will make those moments even more memorable.

Brightness and contrast: The video projector offers a brightness of 1500 lumens and a contrast of 10000:1, ensuring clear and vivid images.

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A sustainable solution:

With an LCD lamp life of 15,000 hours, the Mini FHD23 is a long-term investment that guarantees years of entertainment without having to worry about lamp replacement.

By choosing the Mini FHD23 portable video projector , you are choosing a product that enhances your home cinema experience and meets your specific needs. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your evenings and fully enjoy your favorite films, series and games.

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