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Écran de projection vs peinture ?
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Projection screen vs paint?

If you are looking for the best projector, you need a smooth surface to optimize your image quality. That said, you might be wondering about projection screens versus paint for your dedica...

Amazon primePicoprojecteur

How to choose your Picoprojector?

The choice of a mini portable video projector must be motivated by several essential criteria in order to fully enjoy your films and video games.

Amazon primeProjecteur Lampe LED ou Laser, quel est le meilleur choix pour vous ?

Projector LED Lamp or Laser, which is the best choice for you?

With all the hype around new solid-state projection light sources, namely lasers and LEDs, it might seem that the use case for lamp projection is fast fading from the annals of the industry. his...

Amazon primeQu'est-ce qu'un Smart projecteur ?

What is a Smart Projector? (And why you'll want one)

We all know more or less what a Smartphone or a Smart TV is. But what is a Smart projector or intelligent projector (in French)? It is usually a portable device that combines the latest display ...

Amazon primeÉcran de projection anti lumière

What is a light blocking projection screen?

A light-blocking projection screen features a special optical technology consisting of an integrated lenticular screen with a black grid structure, the black parts of which absorb ambient light wh...

Amazon primeMeilleur Vidéoprojecteur portable

How to choose your Portable Video Projector?

Choosing a portable projector can be a tricky task, as there are many options on the market, each offering different features. Whether for business presentations, movie nights at home, or frequent...