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How to choose your Picoprojector?


Essential technical characteristics of a Picoprojector:

The choice of a mini portable video projector must be motivated by several essential criteria in order to take full advantage of your films and video games.

For the picture:

Resolution on a Projector

The definition or resolution

Must be impeccable and convey the smallest details of the image. For this, you will have to choose a minimum definition of 480p: this alone will guarantee you a quality worthy of a DVD or a Blu-Ray.

The luminosity

1500 lumens are required, although 3500 will provide some additional comfort.

The contrast ratio

For an image as warm as it is precise, with vivid colours. The ratio should be between 3000:1 and  10000:1, otherwise black may turn gray and other colors may fade.

Beyond these overriding elements, some of you may appreciate having 3D compatibility to add depth and immersion to your home cinema enjoyment. It is better to check that the chosen model offers it, because it cannot be added later.

For connectivity

Connectivity on a Picoprojector


Essential for connecting the Picoprojector to the internet but also for sharing content from your mobile phone via AirPlay or Miracast.


Wireless connection to external speakers, remote control or gamepad requires your device to have Bluetooth.


For the connection of a USB key or a hard disk the USB port is necessary which is also the case of the HDMI port which will have to equip your mini portable video projector to connect a game console.

For comfort:

The built-in battery

To ensure pleasure of use in nomadic conditions, a minimum autonomy of 2 hours is required, 3 hours being the new standard on most new models.

The noise

Essential criterion for a portable mini-video projector, caused by the ventilation of the lamp in particular. In fact, it must be between 25 dB and 35 dB to remain acceptable.

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