The Best Full HD Portable Video Projector in 2023

Le Meilleur Vidéo Projecteur Portable Full HD en 2023

In 2023, the HDR24 stands out as the ultimate portable video projector , offering a high-end video projection experience. This digital projector combines advanced DLP technology with Full HD resolution, putting it far ahead of traditional projectors in terms of image quality and performance.

Image Quality and Visual Performance

The HDR24, thanks to its DLP technology , projects images with sharpness and vibrant colors, outperforming standard LCD video projectors. Its 4,500 ANSI lumens brightness and 25,000:1 contrast ratio ensure a bright projected image and deep blacks, even in bright daylight conditions. Support for UHD and HDR resolution ensures an immersive viewing experience, ideal for watching movies or for professional presentations.

Home Cinema Experience

This mini projector transforms any projection surface, such as a blank wall or projection screen , into a large home theater screen. Its flexible projection distance and short focal length allow for easy installation in a variety of environments, from small rooms to larger spaces. Automatic keystone correction and adjustable focus ensure an image that is always proportionate and sharp.

The Best Full HD Portable Video Projector in 2023

Immersive Sound and Connectivity

With its built-in stereo speakers, the HDR24 offers sufficient sound quality for a complete audiovisual experience. For deeper immersion, it's easy to connect external audio devices thanks to its rich connectivity, including HDMI, USB for older devices. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity expand its capabilities, allowing you to project directly from smartphones, tablets or laptops.

The Best Full HD Portable Video Projector in 2023

Sustainability and Portability

This pocket projector, with its long-lasting LED lamp (20,000 hours), reduces the need for frequent bulb replacement, typical of halogen projectors. Its built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 180 minutes of runtime, making it an ideal companion for outdoor screenings or presentations without direct access to a power outlet.

Ease of use

The HDR24 comes with a remote control, making it easy to navigate between the different functions. Its intuitive user interface, based on Android TV 11, allows quick access to streaming and home entertainment applications. In addition, its compact size and light weight make it easily transportable, whether for professional screenings or movie evenings with friends.

The Best Full HD Portable Video Projector in 2023


The HDR24 is a portable Full HD projector that redefines the standards for home theater projectors. It combines excellent image quality, versatile connectivity, ease of use and unmatched portability. Whether for video games, HD movies, professional presentations or simply watching a movie with the family, the HDR24 is an essential choice for those looking for the best value for money in the world of video projectors in 2023.


How do I connect my HDR24 to a mobile device for wireless projection?

To connect your mobile device to HDR24, make sure the projector and your device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Enable Miracast for Android devices or Airplay for Apple devices. Select HDR24 from the list of available devices on your phone or tablet to start projection. If you have connection problems, restart the projector and your mobile device, then try again.

What to do if the image projected by the HDR24 is blurry or distorted?

If the projected image is blurry, first adjust the focus using the remote control or manual controls on the projector. If the image is distorted, use the keystone correction function to properly align the image. Also make sure the projector is placed perpendicular to the projection screen and at the correct distance to optimize image quality.

How to improve audio quality when using HDR24?

Although the HDR24 has built-in speakers, for a richer sound experience it is recommended to connect it to an external audio system. You can use the 3.5mm audio jack to connect external speakers or a soundbar. For a wireless connection, pair the projector with a compatible Bluetooth device. This will significantly improve sound quality, especially for movies or multimedia presentations.

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