Control projectors remotely or from your smartphone

Contrôler les projecteurs à distance ou depuis son smartphone
The digital age has transformed the way we interact with technological devices, including portable projectors . With retained software and applications, it is now possible to manage remote projectors from a computer, a Windows or Mac PC, or even an Android or iOS device via the internet if you download software and applications.

Projector apps and software

  • Team viewer: This versatile application allows you to take remote control of projectors via an internet connection. It offers a free version suitable for users on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

  • MirrorOp and Airdroid (For Android): These applications allow you to transfer files, take control remotely and share the screen of a projector connected to the internet, ideal for remote computer troubleshooting.

  • Airplay (iOS): Perfect for Apple users, Airplay makes it easy to connect remotely and play files remotely for screen sharing and projector control.

  • SURE Universal (Android): Turn your smartphone into a universal remote control to manage projectors and other devices connected to your local network.

  • Miracast (Windows and Android): Ideal for establishing a secure remote connection and sharing your computer screen with a projector.

Universal Remote Controls:

  • Peel Universal Smart TV Remote and ASmartRemote IR: These applications allow you to remotely control your devices, they allow remote use of your projector from your smartphone with the remote control integrated into the application and to connect multiple devices, including projectors, on the same network.

Brand Specific Applications

  • Epson iProjection: Use this application to establish a network connection and remotely control Epson projectors, whether from a PC or Mac.

  • Xiaomi Mi Remote: Allows remote control of projectors and other connected devices via your smartphone.

Advanced remote control features

These applications offer advanced features such as remote desktop connection, screen sharing, remote projector control, and remote assistance. Protocols such as VNC and RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) are used to ensure a secure and stable connection. Tools like VNC Client, SSH, and Terminal Server provide advanced options for network administrators and troubleshooting technicians.

Security and Accessibility

Security is a priority in these applications. Remote connections are protected by authentications, SSL certificates, and firewalls. Options like Wake on LAN allow projectors and computers to be turned on remotely. Users can easily access remote desktops and control projectors from any computer, whether running Windows Vista, Mac OS, or Linux.


Remote projector control has evolved to become an essential feature in many areas, from education to entertainment to the professional world. With increased accessibility and enhanced security, these tools are transforming the way we interact with technology, making projector control more efficient and convenient.

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