JMGO M7 | Pocket Projector

JMGO M7 | Projecteur Portable de Poche

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JMGO M7 | Portable Pocket Projector  

  • 1080P HDR10
  • 1900 Lumens
  • Android OS
  • Autonomy 150 min
  • DLP 30000h
  • Wi-Fi Bluetooth
  • SALE PRICE: €490
The M7 adopts a coil-type design and a hidden base with a built-in hinge, which can protect the projection lens when not in use, so that consumers can safely pack the M7 in various bags and store it carry.  This significantly increases consumers' willingness to take it with them.


In the past, due to limitations in hardware and technology, portable smart projectors could never be truly "portable." Users also often complain that portable projectors of the past are too bulky, heavy, have poor battery life and poor visual effects. The emergence of JMGO M7 has truly solved users' problems for portable intelligent projection.
JMGO M7 portable intelligent positioning projection, 1.5 times the size of a mobile phone, only the thickness of the palm, weight 0.8kg.


For users with portable needs, they always move the projection frequently, and the adjustable angle is very important at this time. The height of the image no longer needs to be installed with a bracket or pad, and the angle can be adjusted directly by the built-in bracket.


JMGO M7 uses 60W high power adapter with 9200mAh large capacity battery. It can fully charge 65% battery in 1 hour in standby mode. Plus, it can actually be used as a power bank to charge cell phones and other electronic devices
Built-in large-capacity battery enables mobile projection and outdoor viewing.

Focus and Automatic Keystone

Once the projection is moved, there are always two actions to perform: focusing and correcting the image. M7 has a built-in G-Sensor accelerometer, which triggers focus when moving, internal TOF laser focus technology to achieve high-speed focus correction within 1 second.

Source: Béhanse

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