What is a Picoprojector?

Qu'est-ce qu'un Picoprojecteur ?

The Pico projector , also called portable projectors , is a device that projects a video source onto a projection screen or on a surface. It can be a white wall or all straight surface And white preferably.

THE pico projector has the particularity of being small in size, and of being able to be transported easily unlike the Projectors classic.

Also, it is also called mini projector . Depending on the model purchased, your product may have a battery integrated, which will allow you to use it without the need for an electrical source.

The portable pico projector is for anyone who wants to project large format content . He You don't have to be a video projection professional to buy this product since it's relatively easy to use. If you want to watch a movie at home because you don't want to bother with a big screen, for example, or you want to create a cinema atmosphere at your home or at a friend's house, then this product will interest you.

The benefits of using Portable projectors. Topping our list is its ability to be easily moved and transported thanks to its relatively small size  and his low weight.

You can take it wherever you want without it getting in the way: it easily fits in a small bag. It allows you to have a good time watching your short film Or feature film favorite when you're in vacation For example.

Its installation does not require any work development, put it on a low table will largely do the trick. This type of device can also be easily moved from room to room for use by the whole family, for example.

Another significant advantage, some pico projectors operate on battery : you can easily use it in a place where there is no electrical outlet and view the content of your choice, provided it is warm enough dark. You can also connect to certain types of portable projectors using the Wireless and broadcast what you want from your portable.

Also, there are some that have embedded apps, which gives you more possibilities of use. They don't need speakers because most of them already have them.

These devices also have the advantage of being able to be connected to game consoles . Finally, these portable projectors don't need to be a expert in electronic since their use remains quite simple.

For professionals who are often on the move, the pico projector is an ideal solution for projecting their media easily during presentations to a client, for example.

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