Meilleur Vidéo Projecteur Portable

The 3 Best Portable Video Projectors in July 2023

Les 4 meilleurs Vidéo Projecteurs Portable en Juin 2023

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Model Picture Features Ht price) Brightness
Resolution Autonomy Trials
Mini FHD23 Image of Video Projector Mini FHD23 WIRELESS; Bluetooth; Android 9; Wireless Charger 160 euros 1500 Lumens
Full HD 1080p 100min Videos
Pocket HD Pack Image of Pocket HD Pico Projector WIRELESS; Bluetooth; Android 9; Integrated Support 260 euros 1500 Lumens
SD 480p 180min videos
HDR23 Image of Smart Portable Projector HDR23 WIRELESS; Bluetooth; Android 9; Auto-Focus; Ethernet 420 euros 3800 Lumens
Full HD 1080p 180min Videos

Are you looking for an immersive, big-screen home theater experience? The smart video projectors from the Jedee's range are there to meet your expectations. With their advanced DLP and LCD technology, they offer excellent image quality, impressive features and ease of use that will surprise you. It's like having your own home theater.

@jedeeshop The portable video projector in FULL HD quality at a low price finally available to recreate a home cinema without the constraint of queuing #cinema ♬ original sound - Jedee's | Video projector

Video Projector Mini FHD23

The Mini FHD23 Video Projector is a compact but powerful projector that offers Full HD 1080p resolution with 1500 lumens of brightness for bright and sharp images. Featuring full connectivity including HDMI, USB, and 3.5mm audio jack, this video projector can connect to a multitude of devices for high-quality video projection.

  • LCD technology for optimal image clarity
  • 10,000:1 contrast ratio for deep blacks and bright whites
  • Built-in 9600mAh battery for 100 minutes of projection time
  • Wireless smartphone charger and Bluetooth connectivity for wide compatibility
  • Android 9 system for an intuitive user experience

@jedeeshop Cinema at home 🏠 #cinema #home #tiktok ♬ original sound - Jedee's | Video projector

Pocket HD Pack

The Pocket HD Pack is an ultra-compact pico projector that projects sharp, bright images, ideal for watching movies, video games and Powerpoint presentations.

  • Brightness of 1500 lumens for bright video projection
  • 10,000:1 contrast ratio for vibrant images
  • Built-in 2X3W speakers for excellent sound quality
  • 32 GB hard drive to store your favorite movies and presentations
  • Battery life of 3 hours in eco mode for long-term use without recharging

@jedeeshop The HDR23 Portable Video Projector is ideal for projection in broad daylight while maintaining optimal quality. Accompanied by high definition stereo sound to easily recreate a home cinema. #christmas #cinema #football ♬ original sound - Jedee's | Video projector

Smart Portable Projector HDR23

The HDR23 Portable Smart Projector is the most advanced stereo projector in Jedee's range. With its high contrast ratio of 20,000:1 and brightness of 3,800 lumens, it offers unrivaled image quality, ideal for watching high definition movies, playing video games, or even for professional use.

  • Built-in 2X5W speakers for an immersive sound experience
  • Ethernet port, WI-FI and Bluetooth connectivity for extensive compatibility
  • Runs on Android 9.0 for intuitive and smooth navigation
  • 12000mAh battery for 3 hours of autonomy in eco mode
  • Integrated Netflix, Disney+, Youtube, Prime Video, Chrome and Google Playstore applications

In conclusion

Whether you are looking for a video projector to project your favorite films in large format in your living room, a pico projector to share photos and videos with your friends, or a portable projector for your professional presentations, the Jedee's range offers exceptional image quality, extensive connectivity options and innovative features that will meet all your video projection needs. Each Jedee's projector is a true portable home theater, capable of projecting crisp, bright images onto a large screen for an unrivaled viewing experience.

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