HDR23 Portable Projector | Connect your device to the internet

The HDR23 portable projector is a quality projection device that lets you enjoy your movies, TV shows and other content in high definition.

One of the benefits of this projector is that it can be connected to the internet, allowing you to stream content online or browse the web.

There are two ways to connect your HDR23 projector to the internet:

  • WiFi network: Make sure your projector is within range of your router and that you have entered the correct connection information in your device settings.
  • Ethernet cable: If you're using this solution, simply plug it directly into your device's Ethernet port.

Another option for connecting your projector to the internet is:

  • The connection sharing of your computer or your mobile phone.

This can be especially useful if you're on the go and don't have access to a WiFi network or an Ethernet cable.

To share your 4G or 5G connection, simply enable tethering on your device and connect your projector wirelessly. This method may be a bit slower than the other two options, but it can be a handy solution if you're in a situation where you have no other choice.