VMAI M100Smart | The World's Smallest Portable Projector

VMAI M100 Pro | Le Plus Petit Vidéoprojecteur Portable au Monde
VMAI M100Smart is the ultimate mobile projector, which can share your phone screen on the wall, ceiling or other places and magnify the image multiple times wirelessly. Its weight makes it light enough to be carried anywhere, even in wild camping. But retain a sturdy and premium feel to the touch.
VMAI M100Smart | The World's Smallest Portable Projector

Characteristic :

  • Ultimate Portability : 112g true portability with handcrafted design.
  • Connectivity : 2.4 / 5 Ghz Wifi, DLNA, SD card, Miracast (Android+Windows), Airplay, all of this allows any device to connect, with or without Wi-Fi.
  • Mini Portable Cinema : 400 Lumens DLP bulb, 30,000 hour lifespan, 640x480p resolution, video input up to Full HD 1080p and a 1800mAh battery for 1 hour of video allowing excellent cinematic quality on the go.
  • Mobile age : The old days of HDMI are over, with USB OTG and countless ways to connect, as long as you have iOS 7 and above, or Windows 8.1 and above, the M100Smart connects to any device from the mobile era.
  • Version update : Make sure the M100Smart connects to WIFI, enter the configuration and update the software online. Apple user, please follow this step. After updating, M100Smart can play YouTube app or other video app from your Apple device.
  • Keystone adjustment : Automatic Keystone and adjustment of the 4 corners of the screen.
  • SALE PRICE: 2016 version (Micro USB) $120 / 2022 version (USB typeC) $240

The perfect home theater

VMAI M100Smart | The lightest smart projector with Android system

The lightest smart projector with Android system

Designed for indoors and outdoors, MS100 offers endless entertainment possibilities. It's the world's smallest projector that can fit in the palm of your hand. It takes up virtually no space but provides great images anywhere. Weighing less than 200g including the tripod, it offers a super large portable screen, capable of projecting a larger than life image from over 150cm wherever you take it.

Instantly Publish Your Content Online

MS100Smart satisfies even the most discerning teenagers with built-in Wi-Fi for instant online sharing and streaming. Everyone can easily access their favorite content at scale, perfect for when your family is on the go

VMAI M100Smart | One-touch button design

One-touch button design

Keep all projector controls close at hand. Designed for efficient projector mounting and optimization with one-touch button resources, keep all projector controls at your fingertips.

VMAI MS100Smart | Texas Instruments DLP technology for vibrant colors

Texas Instruments DLP technology for vibrant colors

VMAI projectors are based on the absolute reliability of one chip DLP design. The highly durable DLP chip is designed to last over 10,000 hours without degradation, ensuring true-to-life colors and perfectly legible text for countless uses.

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