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Best Portable Video Projector

Meilleur Vidéo Projecteur Portable

Best Portable Video Projector: Portable and Ultra-Bright

The HDR23 is a portable and ultra-bright FULL HD video projector that turns your home entertainment into an extraordinary experience. The perfect synergy between technology, design and performance results in superior image quality with high brightness (up to 3800 lumens), perfect color fidelity and depth, native aspect ratio 16:9 with near zero ghosting, low input lag for gaming.
Enter an immersive world from the comfort of your home without the hassle of cables

Best Portable Video Projector: Ultra-Bright

Sharper Picture

The HDR23 projector benefits from the very latest DLP technology and provides an exceptionally clear Full-HD image, offering higher resolution than projectors in the same category. The latest DLP technology also extends 4K Ultra HD resolution. This means you can enjoy the sharpest image of any portable projector on the market.

HDR technology

Say goodbye to bad lighting. HDR technology increases the contrast ratio and allows the image to be more detailed. The image will bring out the richness of every detail, whether in a bright or dark area.

Best Portable Video Projector: A Giant Screen

Best Portable Video Projector: A Giant Screen

With the ability to project a wide, full and lifelike image onto a blank wall up to 7.6 meters in size, HDR23 is all you need for an authentic cinematic experience in your home.

Best Portable Video Projector: Premium Audio Quality

The HDR23 has the full range of sound quality to give you powerful and accurate rendering that will bring your summer evenings to life. With its 8 W speakers, even at maximum volume, the sound is not distorted and remains clear. This projector also has Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to connect your smartphone to stream music through an app such as Spotify or Deezer.

Best Portable Video Projector: Endless Entertainment

Enjoy an evening with family or friends. The HDR23 provides access to the Google Play Store for Android. Whatever your preferences, there's always an app to suit you. With over 5,000 native apps, Android 9.0 opens the door to endless entertainment.

Play Big

Nothing beats the feeling of playing your favorite video games with your friends on your big screen TV. But what happens when you don't have one? Let the HDR23 portable projector bring you the gaming experience wherever you are.

Best Portable Video Projector: Screen Sharing

Screen sharing

With the push of a button, you can share your favorite entertainment apps and media on the HDR23. Connect your Android or iOS device, smartphone or tablet directly with built-in Wi-Fi and Chromecast functionality to project just about anything onto any wall, in any room!

Best Portable Video Projector: Advanced Features

Launch your favorite movie or play a game in seconds with HDR23. This premium portable projector has built-in fast autofocus, so you can start watching your favorite movies without spending extra time adjusting the image.

Best Portable Video Projector: Project Any Way You Want

Best Portable Video Projector: Project Any Way You Want

The HDR23 portable projector is the key to happiness. It brings movies and videos to life like you never dreamed. Ubiquitous anywhere, indoors or outdoors, with a 1.35:1 throw ratio and an easy setup process that means you can use it with screens from 60 to 120 inches .

Built-in High Capacity Battery

Unplug, relax and expand your horizons. The portable projector's battery provides up to 3 hours of uninterrupted video viewing or 5 hours of music playback so you can watch movies and shows on the biggest screen in the house, away from any power outlet.

Best Portable Video Projector: Long Life LED Lamp

The HDR23 is the world's first portable projector to use an ultra-efficient LED light source, so you don't have to worry about replacing the pendant lamp for the next 17 years. Featuring an extended life projection system that lasts 25,000 hours. It will project bright, clear images for years without the need for maintenance or bulb changes.

Best Portable Video Projector: Ultra Connected

Best Portable Video Projector: Ultra Connected

The HDR23 portable projector is a premium tool, with plenty of connectivity options and a modern design, it's built to do more for your home entertainment. Connect your devices wirelessly or via an HDMI port, or project your favorite content from USB sticks or a micro SD card.

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