HDR23 Portable Projector
HDR23 Portable Projector
HDR23 Portable Projector
HDR23 Portable Projector
HDR23 Portable Projector
HDR23 Portable Projector

HDR23 Portable Projector

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  • Portable video projector | Google Glaystore

Connect to wifi to access all your content directly on the projector, Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Google Chrome and more than 10,000 applications available.

Watch live TV using your operator's applications (Amazon, Netflix, Hulu etc...) or Netflix directly on the HDR23

  • Portable Video Projector | Features
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
1080P with 3800 Lumens
Built-in Speakers 2X8W
Ethernet / HDMI / USB / Audio Out
Built-in battery up to 3 hours of autonomy
Android 9.0 system
32GB Hard Drive / 2GB RAM
27DB Noise Level
Lamp life 20000H
  • Portable Video Projector | Smart functions
Auto Focus Adjustment: Enjoy an amazing viewing experience with the auto focus adjustment function. This function allows you to adjust the focus of your image so that it is always sharp and clear. This ensures a crisp, blur-free image for a more enjoyable viewing experience.
Digital zoom: Electronic zoom allows you to enlarge or reduce the screen size without moving the device, which is more convenient at any time.
Minimum screen size: 40 pouces diagonal
Maximum screen size: 315 pouces diagonal
Auto Keystone: Get rid of your bulky projector that requires manual adjustment. The portable projector automatically adjusts the keystone based on its tilt, eliminating the need for manual adjustment.
Keystone Correction: The keystone correction function ensures that the image is projected straight, regardless of the angle. Ideal for projection in any room and on any wall, even in corners.
  • Portable Video Projector | Easy to use

Bring home your big screen. This portable projector lets you share and stream content from any phone, laptop or tablet to a large projection screen at home, making it ideal for movie nights and video game sessions .

  • Portable Video Projector | Ideal for professionals
The portable video projector with wifi is the ideal tool for professionals. Thanks to its wifi connectivity, it is easy to share files and display high-resolution images on a large screen.
The main advantage is its flexibility. You can use it in any meeting room or even outdoors for outdoor presentations. Plus, it's easy to carry with its compact size and lightweight design.
In short, the portable video projector with wifi is a practical and efficient tool for professionals on the move who wish to present their ideas effectively. It offers exceptional image quality and ease of use.
  • Which portable video projector to choose?
There are many models of portable projectors on the market, and the choice mainly depends on your needs and budget.
For everyday use, the HDR23 is perfect, while the Pocket HD will be better for less frequent use or for business presentations.
It's important to check the projector's brightness and image quality when receiving, as well as its features and connection ports to make sure it's compatible with your devices. You can also consult us for information on the different models.
  • Which video projector to see in broad daylight?

Portable video projectors being embedded systems, their brightness is lower compared to living room models, however use in broad daylight is possible with the use of an anti-light screen for daytime projection.

  • How to project a video on a wall with a phone?

To project a video on a wall with a smartphone, the Eshare application is one of the easiest and fastest to use. It allows you to stream content from your smartphone directly to the HDR23 projector. This can be done in two ways: wirelessly via WiFi, or by using an HDMI cable.